How about a guaranteed 10k finish?

Cross The 10k Finish Line In Style

Runner friendly training programs  for individuals, partners and groups.

Our proven success formula enables new, intermediate and experienced runners to achieve their goals and gain even more enjoyment from running..

Crossing the Finish Line is the prime goal for 10k runners. Our 10k training programs have a proven track record in getting you to the finish line. That is why we guarantee them. Having run almost 100 marathons/ultra-marathons and numerous 5k, 10k and 21k events side-by-side we understand that sometimes work, family or a dreaded injury prevents you making it to the starting line. We deal with that too with our unique Pay it Forward Guarantee which enables you to restart your training without penalty if you need to reschedule your race.

Achieve Your 10k Success By Taking Advantage of:

  • Daily and Weekly Training Schedules;
  • 11 Week Training Diary
  • Time Goals and “To Finish” Programs;
  • Extensive Pre-training Preparation
  • Run, Run/Walk and Walk Options Available;
  • Run Education including Video, Audio and PDF Articles;
  • FAQs and Q and A Sessions;
  • Weekly Training Review;
  • Runners Forum;
  • Runners Chat;
  • Partnerunner Magazine Subscription;
  • A Choice of 4 Levels of Training Programs To Best Suit Your Needs; and,
  • Access to Couple on the Run, Sue and Andrew O’Brien For Questions, Advice and Support.
Couple on the Run and Partnerunning are inspiring and ignited a flame in me to complete my first marathon. Virginia Browne, Personal Trainer and New Mother, Melbourne

Your 10k Success starts with an introduction to running and determining the right 10k goal time training for you. Your 10k Training Program involves 11 weeks training. We then conclude the program by reviewing your achievements and identifying your next challenge.

Choose the Program that meets your needs and suits your budget.

  • Platinum with weekly private coaching conversation, 1 Hour Pre-training consultation and access for two people.
  • Gold with monthly private coaching conversation. 30 minute Pre-training consultation and signed copy of Couple on the Run.
  • Silver with regular group webinars and private forum.
  • Bronze for those seeking on-line support.

The Weekly Review is a key aspect of your training success. By completing a brief  on-line review you stay on track and maintain focus on your success. It also makes it easy to ask any questions you have.

Succeed With World Class Run Training

A training program is vital for achieving your running goals. As a member of The Partnerunning Community you have unlimited access to programs that enable you to progress from starting to run to 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon, marathon and beyond.

Our philosophy is to help you learn all about running as well as achieve your running goals. All programs combine the daily and weekly run schedule with tips, tools and education materials.

You can train alone, with a partner, in a group or with us as your virtual run partner. Here is a snap shot of what is included in our training programs:

  • Run Programs

    Access more than 50 training programs for distances including Run Start, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and Beyond.

  • Training Diaries

    You receive a weekly diary to focus and record your training every day. This helps with self-awareness, motivation and improvement.

  • Run Education

    All programs incorporate lessons, guidance and tips in multiple formats to develop your running knowledge and long term success.

  • Training and Race Reviews

    Monitoring your progress and dealing with questions as they arise keeps you on track. Learning from your race enables future success.

  • Event Preparation & Tips

    There is more to race day success than training. We provide the support and checklists for you to achieve your race and event goals.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    An ever expanding database of searchable questions is provided. We quickly find the answer to new questions from one of our experts.

quote-tip Partnerunning will enhance the lives of people around the world as Couple on the Run provide tips and insights to enable people to move from inspiration to action.
- Jeff Galloway, US Olympian and Best Selling Running Author

Cross The Line Guarantee


  1. Follow the Program
  2. Do the weekly review
  3. Start Your event
  4. Cross the Finish Line, or:
  • Repeat the program for free with bonus coaching sessions; or,
  • Receive your money back

10k Training Features and Options

Find the solution that suits your needs.

  • Daily Training Schedule
  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Program as Downloadable PDF
  • Access to FAQs
  • Training Tips
  • Encouragement Reminders
  • Weekly Training Diary
  • Running Education
  • Video Instruction and Tips
  • Audio Instruction and Tips
  • PDF Articles
  • Self-Assessment Quizzes
  • Weekly Review
  • Conversation Forum
  • Members Chat
  • Cross The Line Guarantee
  • Pay It Forward Guarantee
  • Fifth Program Fee
  • Partnerunner Mag Subscription
  • Q and A Webinars
  • Group Education Webinars
  • Silver Members Forum
  • Post Race Review
  • Signed Copy of Couple on the Run
  • Individual Pre-Training Consultation
  • Individual Training Review
  • Gold Member Exclusive Forum
  • Gold Member Q and A Access
  • Partner Community Membership
  • Premium coaching for two
  • Community Membership for two
  • Platinum Members Forum
  • Platinum Members Q and A Access
  • Silver Program Charity Option
  • Personalized Taper Program
  • Executive Community Membership
  • Bonus Coaching Sessions
  • Private Training Option
  • Event Run With Option
  • Additional Monthly Coaching
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Monthly Payment
  • Number of Monthly Payments
  • Cost Per Day
  • Single Payment Available
  • Single Payment Amount
  • Gift Certificates Available


Per Month
  • 3 Months
  • Requested Extra
  • Requested Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Available
  • $27
  • 3
  • $0.89
  • $77
  • Sign Up


Per Month
  • 6 Months
  • Webinar
  • Requested Extra
  • Requested Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Available
  • $47
  • 3
  • $1.55
  • $127
  • Sign Up


Per Month
  • 12 Months
  • 30 Minute Private
  • 30 Minutes Private
  • Monthly
  • Requested Extra
  • Requested Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Available
  • $147
  • 3
  • $4.83
  • $387
  • Sign Up


Per Month
  • 24 Months
  • 60 Minute Private
  • 60 Minutes Private
  • Weekly
  • Optional Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Optional Extra
  • Available
  • $597
  • 3
  • $19.63
  • $1,397
  • Sign Up

Your How does Partnerunning 10k Training Work?

1. Sign up any time prior to  10 weeks before your event.

2. Choose your training goals including time or finish goal.

3. Enjoy access to…

  • Everything you need to train for your marathon success;
  • Weekly updates;
  • Cross The Finish Line Guarantee;
  • Pay it Forward Guarantee;
  • Your questions answered through out the program;
  • Program Options to suit your needs and budget; and,
  • Bonuses, Tools, Check-lists and More.

Learn From Extensive Membership Tools and Resources

When you started running you might have thought it was about putting on a pair of shoes and running down the road or around the local park. Well it is, but....there is so much more and with each step there are new questions.

Whether you are a new runner getting started, about to embark on your first 10k, heading overseas to run or taking on your first marathon, there are always new questions.

Do you prefer listening, watching, reading or conversation? Membership resources cover all of these options. A quick overview of what is provided includes:

  • Ask Sue

    Sue does the research and provides audio and article answers to a wide range of your questions.

  • Partnerunning Tips

    The nine characteristics of successful and sustainable running are the focus of this video series.

  • Talking Travel

    Information on events and travel tips make it fun to travel alone or with family and friends.

  • Audio Programs

    Audio is available in all training programs and on a wide range of topics including interviews with run experts and legends.

  • Video

    Video tips and education as well as webinar replays and the occasional race review are provided for you to watch.

  • Articles and Checklists

    An increasingly wide range of articles and other documents are available, including transcripts of many audio and video programs.

The only thing we enjoy more than travelling the world to run is coaching, mentoring and inspiring others to do it as they enjoy their running, achieve their goals and improve their relationships. Sue and Andrew O'Brien
Partnerunning Founders

Pay it Forward Guarantee

If you start a Partnerunning Program but can’t make the starting line you can Pay it Forward.

Reasons to Pay it Forward include:

  • Injury;
  • Family or Family commitments;
  • Change of Plans;
  • A Better Race Comes Along; and,
  • Any Reason You like.

  • 1

    Complete your training and weekly review;

  • 2

    Notify us as soon as you know you won’t be starting the race you are training for;

  • 3

    Let us know when you are ready to restart training for your next event;

  • 4

    Start your program again from the beginning of the program;

  • 5

    You only pay for one program, regardless of when you change events.

Never worry about wasting your training money again!

Enjoy Support From The Partnerunning Team & Community

One of the strengths of The Partnerunning Community is the connection with and learning from other runners.

Whether it is the interviews and advice from experts, the insights and sharing in the forum or the valuable conversation in the chat room there are many ways our members and team members support each other.

Running is a great community builder and with our focus on partnership we love finding ways to help you go further together. As virtual training partners there is an ongoing supply of ideas, inspiration and insight.

Here is what you will find inside the Partnerunning Community:

  • Membership News

    Stay up to date with the latest news, events, achievements and developments from The Partnerunning Community.

  • Event Calendar

    Stay up to date with events, webinars, training dates, members only specials and much more by keeping tabs on the community event calendar.

  • Member Directory

    You can choose to include your social media and “about me” details to enable connection and conversation  with other members.

  • Member Forum

    A wide range of topics are available for questions, answers and conversation. Regardless of time zone everyone can join in.

  • Member Chat

    Connecting with other members in real time is a good way to learn and share. The chat room is also used during webinars and live events.

  • Member Webinars

    Training, Q and A, event briefing, education and review webinars are a great way to learn. Webinar recordings are available for replay.

Benefit From The Nine Key Strategies For Run Success

You benefit from years of research and experience when you implement the 9 essential running success strategies.

Too often runners put on their shoes without a proven plan, only to become injured and frustrated. Before too long they give up and stop running. They join the "I used to run".

Running success is about more than just running. You need to a sustainable approach to enjoy long term success.

By combining the fitness, running, business, strategy, relationship, research and authoring expertise and knowledge of Sue and Dr Andrew O'Brien the nine characteristics of sustainable running provide the blueprint for successful running.

Here is a quick overview of the 9 essential run strategies that guide the Partnerunning Community:

  • Learn and Improve

    Improving by making sense of the experience. Running can teach us about life at the same time as we improve our run performance.

  • Event Success

    Making it happen on the day. The focus of your hard work requires planning, race strategy, mental toughness and implementation.

  • Recover

    Allowing time to heal and re-energise. Sustained running is our focus and managing energy and recovery is vital.

  • Travel

    Moving beyond your comfort zone. Running away from home is awesome. It facilitates your development and growth.

  • Pre-event preparation

    Being ready by taking care of business. Training alone is not enough and sound race preparation is key to success.

  • Injury-free

    Managing your body to keep moving forward. The biggest pitfall for runners is injury and managing your body is vital.

  • Desired future

    Being clear on what you will achieve. Connecting vision, strategy, milestones, goals and action.

  • Training

    Doing the work by following the program. Using proven blueprints for achieving your running goals

  • Essentials

    The basics as day-to-day habits. From shoes, socks and clothing on to apps, gadgets, hydration and nutrition.

Your Partnerunning Trainers, Educators, Coaches and Founders.

Sue and Andrew Together

  • 90+ Marathons side-by-side
  • Back to Back Comrades Marathons
  • Back to Back Oxfam 100km, Araound Taranaki 100 Miler
  • Numerous 21k, 10k and 5k finishes

Sue O’Brien

  • Australian Triathlon Representative
  • 30 Years Fitness Professional and Coach
  • Run, Cycle and Yoga Instructor
  • Higher Education Qualified in Physical Education

Andrew O’Brien

  • Doctorate in Vision, Strategy and Partnerships
  • Learning and facilitation expert
  • 25 Years Executive Leadership and Mentoring
  • Ideas Commercialisation Specialist

Bronze 10k Package

Your Entry Level Program For Do It Yourself 10k Success.


Highlights include:

  • 100% On-line Coaching
  • Week-by-week Training Program;
  • Daily schedule
  • Access to Forums, Chat and On-line Q & A; and,
  • Bonuses, Tools, Check-lists and More.

3 Monthly Payments of $27 or One Single Payment of  $77.

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Silver 10k Package

Great Value For Those Wanting Access To Live Coaching.


Highlights include:

  • Access to Live Education Sessions;
  • Question and Answer Webinars;
  • Special Silver Forum;
  • All Bronze Package Items; and,
  • Bonuses, Tools, Check-lists and More.

3 Monthly Payments of $47 or One Single Payment of  $127.

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Gold 10k Package

For Those Looking For Results With One-To One Coaching.

Limited places are available and this package is not on sale all year round.


Highlights include:

  • 30 Minute Pre-Training Consultation;
  • Monthly Coaching Review of Your Training;
  • Exclusive Gold Members Forum;
  • Gold Members Hotline;
  • Access to All Silver Package Items;
  • Bonuses, Tools, Check-lists and More.

3 Monthly Payments of $147 or One Single Payment of  $387.

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Platinum 10k Package

The Premium Program With Exclusive Coaching From Sue and Andrew.

Only a few places available at a time. Contact us early to confirm availability.


Highlights include:

  • Training for Two People – Couples and/or Running Partners;
  • 60 MInute Pre-Training Consultation;
  • Weekly Coaching Review;
  • Personal Taper Consultation;
  • Platinum Members Hotline;
  • Access to All Gold Package Items; and,
  • Executive access to the Partnerunning Community.

3 Monthly Payments of $597 or One Single Payment of  $1,397.

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Doing the training is one thing and most programs tell you what to do and when. At the Partnerunning Academy we realise there is more to it. As your Virtual Training Partner we help you:

  1. Clarify your vision, goals and motivation;
  2. Implement the discipline required to succeed and overcome;
  3. Choose the time and other goals that are right for you;
  4. Minimise the risk of  injury;
  5. Deal with race entry and logistics;
  6. Plan your race strategy;
  7. Taper and prepare to perform at your best;
  8. Solve equipment problems;
  9. Rest easy with answers to all your questions;
  10. Learn about running and life ; and,
  11. Develop a lifelong love of running, fitness and success.

Partnerunning Academy Programs Are Presented By: